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Elite Package

Dominate Spotify playlists without the bots. With the Spotify Growth Music Marketing service, we pitch your song to our network of global Spotify curators based on your genre/mood. From there you can sit back and relax as your music will be reviewed and placed.

Elite Package

  • This One Month Spotify Campaign guarantees 2 placements into thirty user-curated playlists on Spotify for 30 full days.

    • Real people from USA & Europe

      90,000 followers reach Spotify

      Eligible for royalties

      Email Support 24/7

    • There are many factors that go into how many streams a song will receive (your current fanbase, the album artwork, how your Spotify profile looks, ads you're running outside of Spotify, how much Spotify promotes the song on its own, etc.).

      Songs will be placed within 24 hours after order.

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